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It takes ovaries to brew great beer?

Did you know the original brewsters were women? Yep.

Full circle. PVB is going back to its roots. Sold the liquor license.

Pulled Penny back in the saddle and she is gonna ride this brew train off into the horizon.

Yeah, I always figured I would be an old, grey, saggy old mare still brewing as I hit the 3rd 3rd of my life. Nailed it.

The good news is I have NEVER been afraid of hard work, pain, blood, sweat or tears and sometimes it takes all of those to make great beer and keep a business alive. PVB is my baby. You never give up on your baby.

I am the lucky one. Always have been. Why? I always have choices. My recent choice was to sell our liquor license for an offer I simply could not refuse, especially in light of the recent liquor law changes. This gives us an opportunity to go back to our roots as a brewpub.

I am scrubbing, plotting and planning our next production schedule for beers, and want to know what turns your crank?

Love you all. Stop in and give me your pennies worth and I will give you my nickels worth for a free beer on your next visit.

Cheers, pp

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