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Getting creative with new beers!

I forgot how much I enjoy not only the process of making beer, but also the creative process of coming up with the recipes and names for the beers. Silly names. Descriptive names. Names people can relate to, like Belligerent Ass. lol There are so many stories I could tell behind the names of the beers I have brewed over the past three decades. Did you know that my oldest son named the Belligerent Ass Nut Brown Ale after his dad? Dr. Bob was so proud.

I have a fun new beer that will be on tap in the next few days called "Wild Hare - Raspberry Sour". For those of you that like fruity, sour beers I hope you like this one. We also have started to add some guest taps. Currently we have a really nice Dunkel, a dark lager from my home state of Colorado. Soon we will have Tropic Chronic on tap. Customer request for this yummy IPA laced with MJ terpenes.

If you have any requests for new beers, just let me know next time you see me.

Come on down. We'll keep the beer cold.

Cheers, PennyPink

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