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Don't get wet...

I will spare you a gory picture of the surgery I had done on one of my fingers last week that is now laced with a dozen stitches. I had to chuckle when the surgeon's parting advice as he finished up was, "Don't get this wet. Or try not to..." I quickly realized coming back to work right after surgery that virtually everything I do at the brewery involves getting my hands wet. After bashing my finger moving everything from 20 lb bags of ice to moving 160 lb kegs of beer and seeing stars and birdies... not to mention uttering a few choice epitaths, I quickly realized that I was going to have to step back and take some time off to let my finger heal up. Seems silly, but I use my hands A LOT.

So, I am going to hide out at an undisclosed location, off grid location for a few days and let my finger heal up.

So, ta ta for now. I am off like a herd of turtles for some R&R.

Stay tuned for .... the rest of the story.

Cheers, PennyPink

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