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Deep Dark Secrets....

Did you know I never finished high school? Well, it is true. I left Denver in the late fall of 1976 with a pick up order out for my arrest. The details of that escapade will be a story for another day. The point of this story is at age16 I had to figure out a way to leverage whatever skills I had to make a living. I have always been gifted mechanically. Much to the consternation of my parents, I took apart toys and just about anything I could get my hands on to see how it worked. My dad even brought home "stuff" from the junk yard and would give it to me and say, ", fix this."

So, once I left home, I got a job managing a gas station and moon lighting at a classic imported car repair shop doing things like dropping transmissions, brake jobs etc. Of course they thought I was 23 years old and never asked for any verification. Ah... The good old days.

Anyway. As I have been ripping through the brewery fixing things I have been reflecting on how lucky I have been to have had so many people in my life teach me so many skills. Troubleshooting and mechanics has gotten me through SOO many situations in my life. From running and maintaining mass spectrometers at the Idaho National Laboratory to rebuilding the brewhouse pump this past week.

It is kind of funny how my life has come full circle over the past 50 years. Next week perhaps I will delve into...'Better living through chemistry."

Hope to see you out and about.

Cheers, PennyPink

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